5626 13 practice paper 2f set

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5626 13 practice paper 2f set

However, it should be noted that the heating effect is zero, if we consider only a single direction of incident rays solid angle is zero, temperature finite. Thus, we have to consider how the spot changes under small perturbations of incident angle. Extreme coma effect is observed, which ruins our high intensity.

Indeed, if we would be watching from the intense spot, we would observe just the reflected Moon, with the same solid angle intensity.

In the original question: The answer is no. No matter the lens you cannot make the surface brighter than the surface of the moon.

5626 13 practice paper 2f set

It can also be explained using the optical calculations point of view. CuriousOne's comment about a passive optical system and conservation of etendue. You should see this post. Especially the answer by CountIbis which will explain the limits using optic calculations. If the object radiates as a black body, has a radius of R, a temperature of TT and is a distance d away, then the flux of radiation reaching the lens is: The flux of radiation there is: So, the factor multiplying TT in the above equation will always be smaller than 1, therefore you can never reach a higher temperature than the temperature of the object in this way.

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5626 13 practice paper 2f set

Solar activity variability and its proxies. The Sun is a variable star and periodically changes its activity levels producing variations in radiation emission, magnetic field intensity, magnetic polarity, particle emissions, and .

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