An introduction to the life and work by bob dole

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An introduction to the life and work by bob dole

It has been made into both a play and a film. The novel Walter Greenwood 's novel was written during the early s as a response to the crisis of unemployment, which was being felt locally, nationally, and internationally.

It is set in Hanky Park, an industrial slum in Salfordwhere Greenwood was born and brought up. The novel begins around the time of the General Strike ofbut its main action takes place in The novel follows the Hardcastle family as they are pulled apart by mass unemployment.

The seventeen-year-old Harry Hardcastle starts the novel working in a pawn shop, but is attracted to the glamour of working in the engineering factory Marlows Ltd.

After seven years working there as an apprentice, he is laid off in the midst of the Great Depression, and is thereon unable to find work. He becomes romantically involved with a girl on his street, Helen, whom he gets pregnant; this forces them to marry, despite the fact that Harry now not only is unemployed but also has been taken off the dole by the Means Test.

Sally Hardcastle, his older sister, falls in love with a doomed socialist agitator, Larry Meath, and suffers the unwelcome attention of the local illicit bookmaker, Sam Grundy.

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Sally feels unable to compete with Meath's socialist intellectualism, highlighting not only the economic but also the intellectual poverty of the local working-class community.

The march itself was met with violent police resistance; in the book, Larry Meath dies as a result of blows to the head from a policeman's truncheon. After Larry Meath's death, Sally despondently succumbs to the attentions of Sam Grundy, which allows both her father and brother finally to find work.

An introduction to the life and work by bob dole

The novel received much attention from writers, journalists, and politicians, who were all moved by its description of poverty, but, more importantly, by its account of a working-class community attempting to deal with that poverty with dignity and intelligence. Reviewing the American edition of the novel, Iris Barry wrote that, "Love on the Dole is the real thing.

Greenwood said he "tried to show what life means to a young man living under the shadow of the dole, the tragedy of a lost generation who are denied consummation, in decency, of the natural hopes and desires of youth.

The 'real' speech and contemporary social themes were new to British audiences. One reviewer said it had been "conceived and written in blood.

An introduction to the life and work by bob dole

A million people had seen it by the end of But not all reviewers were impressed: The historian Stephen Constantine attributed its impact to the way it moved the mostly middle class audiences without blaming them[4] — Gow said he "aimed to touch the heart.

But by then social conditions were being radically changed by the Second World War. The film was the first English made feature film to show English police wielding batons against the crowd. Walter Greenwood's Love on the Dole. Heinemann Educational Books, Bob Dole was the minority leader of the Senate and then became majority leader after the historic elections that swept the Democrats out of power in the House and Senate.

As much as a politician can be one, Bob Dole is a Lifer. He has represented Kansas in Congress continuously since , sticking to it and through the years steadily moving upward. His virtues are the Lifer virtues of constancy, leadership, persistence and credit sharing.

Bob Dole's father, who had moved the family to Russell while Dole was still a toddler, earned money by running a small creamery. One of his father's customers was the father of . Bob Dole, a war hero and longtime Kansas senator who was the Republican candidate for president in , died XX at, Dole points toward cheering supporters at a campaign rally at the Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, on October 2, Address To The Kennedy School Of Government by Elizabeth Dole to make it happen.

Let me just say how wonderful it is to see Al Simpson in the audience today. You know Al and Bob were great teammates in the Senate.

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F.D.R. emulated his public minded classmates by enrolling in the Harvard Social Service Society doing missionary work and. ELIZABETH DOLE: Now for the last several days, a number of men and women have been painting a remarkable portrait of a remarkable man, a man who is the strongest and the most compassionate, most.

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