Animals should be left to roam in the wild

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Animals should be left to roam in the wild

Would you want to be held in cages and not be able to be free and do wat you want. I think its really stupid. They should live there life to the fullest. They life should be held by there self.

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Surely you can learn more about wild animals by watching them in their natural habitat. No matter how well their keepers care for them, many suffer because they are not suited to living in a cage, tank or enclosure.

They should be able to be themselves To explore as they see fit to do within reason. Short of that, they should be given time to integrate into a new environment slowly rather than confined to it immediately, so they could adjust.

This can mean cramped spaces and an improper diet. Just think about how you would feel trapped in a concrete cage for about 50 years!

Zoos sell animals and break bonds between animals that have been together since birth. Captivity can also lead to overpopulation.

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Animals in captivity can suffer from stress, boredom and confinement. They need to learn how to survive on their own and not rely on humans to find their food. By keeping animals in captivity you are deprivi.The Art of Racing in the Rain is one of the rare books about animals that does not come across as twee or written for little children (which is an art form in its own right).

It's about the life.

Animals should be left to roam in the wild

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Buy Walking the Big Wild: From Yellowstone to Yukon on the Grizzly Bear's Trail on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. These animals may need your help, but it's important to know how to safely handle any wildlife emergency before taking action.

If you think a wild animal or bird needs help, remember these three important rules: Don't touch the animal. Most wild animals are terrified of people, especially if they are hurt and can't get away.

The cougar, or mountain lion, is Canada’s largest wild cat. An adult male cougar weighs between 63 and 90 kg, and a female between 40 and 50 kg. The community, the caretakers and the property owner where the cats reside, should organize and carry out this plan.

Animals should be left to roam in the wild

Money may be available from an established organization or may have to be raised by voluntary contributions.

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