Asher farms case

Our Great Pyrenees guard dogs stay in close range to the sheep, and pay special attention to the new lambs born in the spring. The chickens, ducks and geese all free range with the dogs. Any form of predator or neighbor's hounds are quickly discouraged from approaching the pasture.

Asher farms case

Edache, for their encouragement and support to undertake this case study. The financial support provided by the Federal Government for this study and the development of cassava in Nigeria, particularly the Cassava Multiplication Project CMP is acknowledged. Thanks are also expressed to Mr Felix I.

The study was carried out using a combination of approaches, intensive use of literature review and quantitative secondary data and Rapid Rural Appraisal methodology. The study revealed that cassava is one of the most important crops in Nigeria, playing a dominant role in the rural economy in the southern agro-ecological zones and is increasingly gaining importance in other parts of Nigeria.

Nigeria is currently the largest producer of cassava in the world with an annual output of over 34 million tonnes of tuberous roots. Cassava production has been increasing for the past 20 or more years in area cultivated and in yield per hectare.

On average, the harvested land area was over 80 percent higher during — than during — The growth in cassava production has been primarily due to rapid population growth, large internal market demand, complemented by the availability of high yielding improved varieties of cassava, a relatively well developed market access infrastructure, the existence of improved processing technology and a well-organized internal market structure.

Cassava is produced largely by small-scale farmers using rudimentary implements. The average land-holding is less than two hectares and for most farmers, land and family labour remain the essential inputs.

Land is held on a communal basis, inherited or rented; cases of outright purchase of land are rare. Capital is a major limitation in agriculture; only few farmers have access to rural credit. Almost all farmers in the main cassava belts of the southeastern, southwestern and central zones grow cassava, which is typically intercropped as a main or minor crop.

Rotation and fallow systems are the traditional systems used by the farmers to maintain soil fertility but population pressure has resulted in reduced fallow, continuous cropping and reduced soil fertility.

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Farmers are generally aware of the benefit of inorganic fertilizer, but the commodity is scarce and a major constraint in cultivating improved varieties. Almost all the cassava produced is used for human consumption and less than 5 percent is used in industries.

Asher farms case

As a food crop, cassava fits well into the farming systems of the smallholder farmers in Nigeria because it is available all year round, thus providing household food security. Compared to grains, cassava is more tolerant to low soil fertility and more resistant to drought, pests and diseases.

Furthermore, its roots store well in the ground for months after maturity. Cassava is important, not just as a food crop but even more so as a major source of cash income for producing households. As a cash crop, cassava generates cash income for the largest number of households, in comparison with other staples, contributing positively to poverty alleviation.

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