Computer games review of related literature

Despite this, there is a dearth of empirical evidence in the GBL literature, and confusion as to where games-based learning fits in relation to games, simulations, and serious games. This chapter will present a review of the current state of the GBL empirical literature, but will particularly focus on the fields of software engineering, Information Systems, and computer science. This chapter will also take into account the advantages and disadvantages that have to be considered when selecting a GBL approach. This section will provide a definition of Games-Based Learning and some of the cognate terms surrounding it in the literature such as:

Computer games review of related literature


And the theories and its compatibility issue to the software that is needed in the development of the software project. To attain a deeper and better understanding of the present study, various literature and related to the study was extensively read and analyzed.

The purpose of this chapter placed the current study into the context of previous and related research. As such, the review system emphasizes the relatedness between the current system and the work of other.

Readers should be familiarized with the points of agreement and disagreement among the previous studies, as well as with the theoretical and empirical relevance of each to the present research. The objective of the game is to kick the object upwards as long as it takes by alliance without the object hitting the ground, the longest time who kicks the object is considered as the winner.

Sipa also features different levels that show different landmarks found in the Philippines, like the Luneta, University of the Philippines, Quiapo Church and Mt.

It is an IPhone game app patterned to the traditional Patintero street game that most Filipinos know how to play. Zeenoh purposely designed this app in order for Filipino children who forgot to play the game and also for those who unfortunately missed the chance of experiencing the game itself Patintero Playtime for… GDAP, Patintero Playtime offers a unique gameplay, though the rules of the original Patintero games apply power ups and human vs.

With this to consider, Filipinos are now more than ready to take on markets like the IPhone app store and others alike. School Rush According to developer of School Rush of year School Rush is a type of running platform game with Pilipino culture style of interface.

The feature of School Rush is play thru level by level, gaining power-ups and answering different kind of questions. It can be gain through the levels of the game. The game play of School Rush is to pass all levels of the game thru the obstacles of every level.

Each level has cases that to earn a specific power on passing the level is to answer a particular question. Pass all levels and earning points to get the highest possible score.

Computer games review of related literature

The game involves two teams and a grid. The objective of the game is for the first team to cross the grid, and for the second team to block the opponents from crossing. The first team is the players, who must avoid the taggers and acquire points by going to and fro across the field.

The second team is the taggers, who are assigned each line to guard the grid and stop the opponents from crossing through tagging them. A Patintero game lasts for 2 minutes, and the team with the most points wins.

Players can get power-ups, in the form of: In order to win a Patintero game, a player must be equipped with speed, agility and teamwork.

The story is all about the character whose name Miguel that run through the highways of Manila as he races against the clock to get to work on time.

With magical flip-flops at his feet, control Miguel and make him run fast or jump high to avoid swerving cars, construction works, and other obstacles along the way. Juan Tamad is an iconic Filipino character whose laziness is the stuff of legend. Flip, rotate, drag, and drop building blocks to create a wooden bridge to connect Juan to his goals.

With its distinct and graphic Filipino illustrations and catchy all-original music, Juan Tamad is definitely one of the most exciting and visually-arresting Filipino game apps in the market.

Its main focus is development of non-trivial components such as online multiplayer and touch screen controls for a real-time action game, using frameworks and APIs that are mainly free and open source.

For each non-trivial component problems are pointed out and possible solutions are presented, the resulting game, Battle Angels, is evaluated along with the game design and development.C. training in karate. and young adults.

What Is Games-Based Learning?

the aim of this critical review is to examine the published literature and to critically appraise the evidence to determine the impact. science has a long way to go before we fully understand the impact video games can have.

or jumping through the mushroom kingdom in Super Mario Bros. emerging adults 4/4(14). Published: Mon, 5 Dec This section discusses the literature review on the research on games.

The main research in this chapter includes the definition of games, game genres, description of word game and adventure game, formal and dramatic elements in game and the review of existing word game and adventure game.

COLLEGE OF COMPUTER STUDIES CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES This chapter presents the related works of a number of local and foreign authors.

Search Results for 'review of related literature about online gaming of the students' Review Of Related Literature And Studies Chapter 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES The Review of Related Literature section is composed of the discussions of facts and principles to which the.

Review of Computer Game Studies 4 Positive effects of violent entertainment games and negative effects of educational games will not be reviewed in this chapter for the following reasons. This section will provide a definition of Games-Based Learning and some of the cognate terms surrounding it in the literature such as: games, simulations, computer games, simulation games, computer simulations, computer simulation games and serious games.