Danzy sennas caucasia essay

The issues of blackness and whiteness in America are topical. More and more prominent minds tell that race is artificially constructed illusion that means nothing in real. I analyzed whiteness as the consequence of imperialism and defined its place in the life of my contemporaries. At that time segregation has been already recognized as unconstitutional but mixed marriages were not welcome still.

Danzy sennas caucasia essay

Identity as Skin Color: Performing a 'White' Identity in Caucasia Anastasia Bierman 'My body would fill in the blanks, tell me who I should become, and I would let it speak for me,' says Birdie Lee, the lost and searching multiracial protagonist of Danzy Senna's novel Caucasia Senna 1.

The 'blanks' are her identity, agency, and individuality. Danzy Senna, in writing Caucasia, exposes identity and the race one affiliates with as a fa'ade someone can assume rather than a concrete, unchangeable sense of self. As Birdie shows throughout the novel, identity is perception as she takes on the identity of Jesse Goldman, a young Jewish girl, in a small, racist New Hampshire town while she is really a young half-black, half-white girl who grew up in Boston during the racial upheaval of the s.

Birdie's parents, Deck and Sandy Lee, strive to create a family blind to the racial stratification surrounding them. Living blind to race eventually destroys the family and forces them to play the racial game, causing the family to split up and separating the sisters, Cole, Birdie's darker and older sister, and Birdie.

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In this separation, they revert to the roles they are most able to fit, not the ones in which they most identify. Birdie loses her true sense of identity by passing and performing as opposed to possessing it.

She feels fragmented and disembodied, looks to other people for her own sense of self, developing a double consciousness. Race is like a crayon box configuration; it attempts to assign a distinct name to a color that could have various hues. A 'black' person is anyone with a brown tint to their skin while a 'white' person is more or less a peach colored person.

As it relates to a person, the colors 'black' and 'white' are not exactly what they seem to be.

Danzy sennas caucasia essay

Anyone with lighter complexion can be categorized as white even though the person's ethnicity can be anything from Italian to Asian-American. The key is the physical appearance and the perception of that physical appearance to others.

Performing identity, however, is only essential because of the many problems race creates for Birdie Lee and her family. Race, in Caucasia, permeates everything around the Lee family, even the construction of the family. The effect, psychologically and socially, is the breakdown of their family unit, loss of relationships, and obsessive focus on color.

Trying so hard to beat racism and not see color, Deck Lee, a black intellectual Harvard graduate and Sandy Lee, a white blueblood-raised woman, marry and have children. Critic David Brunsma points out the complexity and difficulty of this task though by saying: Contemporarily, they [interracial families] are trying to navigate a complex, "changing" racial terrain where multiraciality is discussed and debated, where race and racism is denounced and supposedly diminished, ' race still matters as an axis through which goods, services, opportunities and life chances are distributed unequally to members of the same society Brunsma Race being 'supposedly diminished' and 'distributed unequally' are where the hypocrisy of equality and racism lie; where equality is supposed to happen, racism happens instead.

The Lee family tries hard to be a family who ignores race, but the familial and environmental pressures around them force the family to acknowledge race. One of the characters in the novel even calls this family dynamic an experiment: As an 'ambitious experiment,' an interracial family is braver and more courageous than it is common.

Race or the defiance of it, therefore, creates the family, but ultimately destroys the family, showing that societal pressures permeated into the family so much that color mattered more than love.

As race breaks the marriage, it also breaks the ties between the sisters: Cole, the 'black' one, and Birdie, the 'white' one. The parents split the girls according to the parent they look like the most or with the one they can pass with. The parents even see the children, who are biologically biracial, as fitting into one racial category, as either black or white.

Sandy does so when she reflects on Cole fitting into the predominately white New Hampshire town: Imagine her in this town. She would have been miserable.Analysis of Caucasia by Danzy Senna essaysCaucasia by Danzy Senna is a book mainly about the story of Birdie and Cole, daughters of a black father and a white mother who are intellectuals and activists in the Civil Rights movement in 's Boston.

“Caucasia” is a must-read novel for every person who is interested in racial cultural identity. The story of light-skinned African American “passing” for white is a popular plot in American literature.

Danzy Senna, whose parents are writers, too, knows it perfectly. Caucasia: A novel by Danzy Senna Introduction Caucasia by Danzy Senna is a narrative of a young bi-racial girl’s journey of coming to race consciousness as she is forced to leave her home in the south end of Boston (a “racially” mixed area), and disappear into “Caucasia” (the white nation).

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Caucasia written by Danzy Senna is focused on a young combined girl, Birdie, that encounters obstacles in her life which help her sort her own senses about issues regarding class, race, and sexuality.

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