Effects of bosentan and losartan on 2k1c hypertensive rats

The adverse effect of elevated ADMA is mediated by its effect on NO synthase inhibition which reduces NO production and leads to endothelial dysfunction [ 3 ]. Although it was not statistically significant, it should be considered that a small change in the plasma level of ADMA has a large effect on the intracellular level of ADMA and is sufficient to alter NO production [ 19 ].

Effects of bosentan and losartan on 2k1c hypertensive rats

Hypotensive effect induced by microinjection of Alamandine, a derivative of angiotensin- 1—7into caudal ventrolateral medulla of 2K1C hypertensive rats.

Effects of bosentan and losartan on 2k1c hypertensive rats

In the present study we evaluated the cardiovascular effects produced by microinjection of the new component of the renin-angiotensin system, alamandine, into caudal ventrolateral medulla of urethane-anesthetized normotensive and hypertensive 2K1C rats. The participation of different angiotensin receptors in the effects of alamandine was also evaluated.

Microinjection of angiotensin- 1—7 was used for comparison. The microinjection of 4, 40 and pmol of alamandine or angiotensin- 1—7 into caudal ventrolateral medulla induced similar hypotensive effects in Sham-operated rats.

However, contrasting with angiotensin- 1—7in 2K1C rats the MAP response to the highest dose of alamandine was similar to that observed with saline.

The microinjection of A-a selective Mas receptor antagonist, blunted the angiotensin- 1—7 effects but did not block the hypotensive effect of alamandine in Sham or in 2K1C rats.


Furthermore, microinjection of PD, a putative AT2 receptor antagonist blocked the hypotensive effect of alamandine, but not of angiotensin- 1—7in Sham and 2K1C rats. Microinjection of the AT1 receptor antagonist, losartan, did not alter the hypotensive effect of angiotensin- 1—7 or alamandine in both groups.

These results provide new insights about the differential mechanisms participating in the central cardiovascular effects of alamandine and angiotensin- 1—7 in normotensive and 2K1C hypertensive rats.Preventive and Therapeutic Effects of Sodium Hydrosulfide on Hypertension in 2K1C Renovascular Hypertensive Rats To examine the preventative effect of H 2 S on the development of renovascular hypertension in 2K1C rats, sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS; an H 2 S donor) was given daily from day 3 after surgery until the end of the 4-week experiment in the 2K1C+NaHS group.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of two models of hypertension on serum ADMA concentrations and whether the changes of serum ADMA concentrations are reversible by removing the cause of hypertension. Materials and Methods.

48 male wistar rats were randomly assigned into four groups: control, deoxycorticosterone acetate salt (DOCA-Salt), sham, and two kidneys one clip (2K1C). ACE inhibitors and AT-1 antagonists are effective in salt induced hypertension in reduced renal mass rats and in transgenic rats it may be stated that the various animal models of experimental hypertension are tools in the study of the pathophysiology of sustained hypertension and its complications Bosentan (10 mg kg-1, p.o.) pretreatment has not significantly altered the onset of antidiabetic effect of Pioglitazone ( mg kg-1, p.o.) but significantly decreased the peak antidiabetic effect in healthy and Streptozotocin induced diabetic rats (±% reduction before treatment to ±% reduction after treatment), while.

Studies in normotensive and hypertensive dogs and various rat models of experimental hypertension [23, 24, 25] have shown a greater hypotensive effect under conditions where both the ET system and RAS were antagonized as compared to the effect seen with antagonists of either system alone.

Compared to the normotensive rats, the 2K1C hypertensive rats had higher basal LVEDP values. In the 2K1C hypertensive rats, alamandine decreased LVEDP in a dose-dependent manner during the infusion period and for a few minutes afterward.

Effects of bosentan and losartan on 2k1c hypertensive rats

PD , but not losartan, reduced this effect.

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