Fmcg business plan ppt presentations

Words of wisdom from survivors of FMCG marketing If you want the easiest path, to avoid the "potholes and land mines", you can tap into leading edge FMCG strategy and know-how. You NEED launch expertise and a 'winning edge' to optimise your competitive advantage.

Fmcg business plan ppt presentations

Brook Bond Bru largest brand. These comprise 34 per cent of the slightly over million middle class households. Indian Consumer is no longer Price Obsessed.

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Indian consumer on spending spree. Provides Optimum balance between maintaining the heritage of the company and the future benefits with the corporate name of Unilever. Will be source of considerable strength and synergies to harness Unilevers global scale and size for the benefit of the Indian business both in domestic and export markets.

It would also assist in attracting and retaining talent both locally and internationallyEdge Over Competitors Unilever, in its worldwide operations, strives to be a multilocal multinational. Reflected national priorities over the years and remained committed towards India.

Large market capitalization and Product Variety. Good Company policies such as: Developing and using relevant technology Generating productive employment Stimulating industrialization and dispersing its benefits Adding value to agriculture Sustaining export performance Experimenting and taking aggressive steps.

Caught in scandal -whether on excise duty disputes. E-Choupal System driven and conservative manner. Closely linked to parent Unilever. Project Shakti To distribute their products in remote rural areas through its Project Shakti.

Thirty per cent of FMCG business comes from villages with a population less than 2, To reach areas of low access and low market potential.

Currently covers all districts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, reaching almost 5, villages through self-help groups SHGs. The profits have been even better off, with PAT growing at The company is on a cost cutting spree, with reduced expenditure on advertisement by 2. HUL's entry into Bread is a strategic extension of the company's wheat business.

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Every 2 out of 3 is effected. Mumbai, October 22, HLL has been pepping up its rural distribution systems and has launched low unit price variants of its popular brands to draw in new users in the rural areas. The objectives of Project Shakti are to create incomegenerating capabilities for underprivileged rural women by providing a small-scale enterprise opportunity, and to improve rural living standards through health and hygiene awareness.

Types of services would include public warehousing, contract warehousing, transportation management, distribution management, freight consolidation. It is a company which the customers in rural as well as urban India relate to.

This explains the deep penetration of HUL in Indian market. Past few years trends may be disturbing but there has been multi facets to the decrease in profits. It would be innocent thought to rule out a behemoth of the ranks of HUL.

The future for HUL is demanding newer and high level innovations so as to cope up with increasing competition.Hindustan Unilever Limited presentations for investors. We are a global company selling fast-moving consumer goods. Our purpose is to make sustainable living commonplace.

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Dec 11,  · Guide how to make visually engaging yearly summary of your business. Evaluate what your department or company managed to achieve in this year.

fmcg business plan ppt presentations

Get inspired by . It faces difficulty as the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector is the most affected. Unilever now focusing on its portfolio, takes the decision to rationalize its businesses on core products and brands.

fmcg business plan ppt presentations

Mutual Fund Systematic investment plan (SIP) is undoubtedly best investment, which if used properly can help you to achieve all your . Scout for opportunities to enter into new business. Exploit resource capabilities & internal advantages MATURITY PHASE: Replacement Demand Attracting new Buyer.

e.g. FMCG Industry. Prune down Product lines having low profit margins. Improve Value Chain Capabilities (Better Services, Low Costs) SAMPLE FORMAT FOR DRAWING STRATEGIC ACTION.

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