France and us employment and hr strategies comparison

But there remain stark differences, both cultural and legal, as Scott Beagrie reports.

France and us employment and hr strategies comparison

Ellen Weinreb Thursday, March 29, - 5: A graduate of the Thunderbird School of Global Management, she's a sustainability professional with copious international work experience. Areva is a French company, but Clise is based in the United States. That puts her in a good position to observe the similarities and differences between the two work cultures.

During our conversation, she acknowledged several myths about the famous European workweek, but also emphasized that there are indeed some clear differences between U.


Here are six of those differences: Execution Clise sees a fundamental difference between U. Americans tend to focus on execution, whereas the French are more likely to emphasize the deliberative process, she says.

While Americans can be frustrated by the amount of research required to inform an ultimate decision, the French frequently see the U. For example, when she partnered with her French colleagues on a recent report, Clise remembered, her colleagues' document was extremely thorough, consisting of more than 50 pages, while her version was designed to communicate the minimum necessary information for its intended audience.

Governance Although it involves a lot of input, French decision-making often occurs at the highest levels of an organization. French corporations typically have a more hierarchical power structure than their U. As Clise put it: While this is also a challenge in the U.

Mobility In France, employees' upward mobility appears to be highly correlated with the university they attended. And the Grandes Ecoles tend to dominate public- and private-sector leadership.

The French higher-education system is highly competitive, and the top Grandes Ecoles accept relatively few students even when compared to the most elite universities in U.

Profit Does profit have a place in the discussion about sustainability? The answer might depend on where you are. While Areva defines its 10 Sustainable Development commitments consistently around the world, it communicates the sustainability strategies that it is using to meet those commitments differently in different places.

France and us employment and hr strategies comparison

That makes being versed in cultural differences a valuable skill for Clise. In France, the emphasis is on corporate responsibility, not profit. Americans have less hesitation talking directly about profitability as a component of sustainability.

Workaholics With plenty of attention on France's hour work week -- which effectively ended in for many companies, although it's still remains the nominal baseline -- many Americans assume that the French work less, Clise remarked.

She calls it a sore misperception: While Clise acknowledged that her experience is limited to the private sector, she said she has "yet to meet a French colleague who works 35 hours a week.

Attitude Even if French and American work days do consist of the same number of hours, Clise has seen a clear difference in attitude when it comes to vacation.

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It's a change from a U. Which System is Better? For one thing, it's hard to define productivity, especially for a sustainable business that factors in several different measures of success — all of which culture plays an important role in defining.

There are advantages to both cultures, and no clear winner.

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And, of course, there are plenty of individual variations within every country and culture. Ultimately, your career will be driven by your own definitions of sustainability, balance and happiness, regardless of where you live.

Photo by rolfik via Shutterstock.As multinational organizations continue to grapple with global competition, employee expectations and cost containment, they are focusing on overseas employment costs necessary to attract and.

employment relationship, (2) working time, (3) restrictive covenants, and (4) paid time off. As always with employment law, there are important nuances within the laws of each country, state and/or county. A US tyre mogul has caused a minor diplomatic incident with his comments on French workers, citing 'crazy' unions and long lunch breaks as reasons why he would not be interested in taking over a.

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Nowadays any international firm worldwide is seeking for global completion in order to expand their activities overseas, and many organizations want to open subsidiaries to reach the competitive advantage, and the organization cannot build a good and affective working team without HRM, which includes recruiting skilful employees, dealing with .

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When to consult? In the United Kingdom, there were 11 stoppages in March costing 29, working days.
Who to consult? Ellen Weinreb Thursday, March 29, - 5: Areva is a French company, but Clise is based in the United States.

is going to be interested in your basic HR skills. These are the same all over the world. These are the same all over the world. You need to be able to understand the business objectives and the HR levers to help the business achieve its strategy in the most efficient way.

Global HR: Europe On 9 Oct in France, Global HR HR across Europe is slowly becoming more like its UK counterpart, and shares many of the same people challenges. France vs. United States; The comparison of income levels only becomes meaningful if the cost of buying the necessities and luxuries of life is also considered. 2% more than France Employment > Employment share by sector > Industry > Men > Aged above This article provides a comparative analysis of the HR practices of American, Japanese and German companies. The starting point is an investigation of the managerial, economic, socio-political and.

Global HR: Europe On 9 Oct in France, Global HR HR across Europe is slowly becoming more like its UK counterpart, and shares many of the same people challenges.

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