How to write a reflective report on a presentation

What are the most important attributes an effective school counselor should have? This week, in honor of National School Counseling Week February 7 though 11Education World asked school counselors to reflect on what makes them effective. We are pleased to share their thoughtful and illuminating -- and often heartwarming -- responses. National School Counseling Week -- February 7 through 11 -- is a time to celebrate the unique contributions that school counselors make to their school communities.

How to write a reflective report on a presentation

This is a reflection I wrote about our Group Presentation. Larry Mills Group Presentation Self-Assessment Explain the creative process undertaken by your group including how you collaborated on the content elements, components and presentation mechanics. Include how many times you met and how you communicated outside of meetings: The creative process that our group undertook was first one of negotiation.

We met in class and discussed several different themes for our presentation finally landing on one that most of us agreed we were knowledgeable of, and confident in our ability to present.

We then assigned our volunteered for the four dominant roles: We immediately started posting the major components of our presentation, slides, handout, outline of intersecting narratives, on a shared Google drive and, quite a few times, other group members would comment on the posting of the member who had originated the document or material.

In addition to this process we met together, as an entire group, outside of class on two occasions. My most significant contribution to our group, in my opinion, was to help launch our project in a collaborative spirit.

I felt that, given my demographics, and personality, it would be very important that I not assume the role of jury foreman. In addition my formal role was to pull together an interpretation of the narrative in each of the slides that other members of the group, Madison and Abby, chose for our presentation.

I also served to stimulate electronic communication between the members of our group by keeping the discussion alive via group emails.

Individual Reflection Report On A Business Plan Education Essay. Print Reference I have been asked by university management to write an individual reflective journal on business plan that should consist of my critical way of thinking in an analytical way. no involvement of critical thinking which made our presentation look descriptive. Bought a 5 page english paper. The writer followed the instructions on what to write for each paragraph. But totally ignored the " don't summarize the story" instruction, and there were many faulty sentences. Reflection on our Group Presentation. April 15, larrymills Leave a comment. This is a reflection I wrote about our Group Presentation. If it sounds like I was proud of our work it’s because I was! Name: Larry Mills. Group Presentation Self-Assessment.

Our presentation never was allowed to slip off the radar of any member of the group. Lastly I was personally responsible for presenting the narrative of our presentation, as expressed in the art of the book.

In this regard I helped tee-up another group member, Scott, who was out of town for a few days during the preparation of our material. It should be noted that another group member, Madison, also traveled to the west coast during the prep period. Our group proactively planned for these two absentees and, I am proud to say, never missed a beat.

From your perspective, what aspects of the creative process worked best? Without a doubt our group attitude, which was born at our first meeting, is what allowed our group to perform well.

It also created a sense of trust that was very important and allowed us to withstand the normal stresses of group work as well as the expected unexpected stresses of group work such as glitches in scheduling a meeting room and last minute replacement of a thumb drive and getting our technology to work properly.

Initial planning

From your perspective, what aspects of the creative process worked the least well? This is a good question and, having reflected on it for some time; I would confidently say that I believe every facet of our group dynamics worked extremely well.

In my opinion no single aspect of our group performed at a sub-par level.Reflective Report for a Group Presentation I will look at the strengths and weaknesses of the presentation.

I will also write about what learnt from this exercise and lastly I will have a brief conclusion 1 A brief out line of ADR An Over View of ADR and How it Improves Access to Justice ADR is a method used to resolve disputes outside.

Webster's unabridged dictionary defines reflect as “to think seriously; contemplate; ponder.” Reflection is a critical component of self-regulation. Self-regulated learners are aware of the strategies they can use to learn and understand when, how, and why these strategies operate.

Sep 22,  · My presentation was poorly structured and therefore hard to follow. For future presentations I will try to pick a structure that will suit my topic. Finding what information is relevant to a presentation is key so that you make sure that you present all important parts of the topic and don’t make it tedious for the addressees.

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Reflection has many facets. For example, reflecting on work enhances its meaning. Reflecting on experiences encourages insight and complex learning.

how to write a reflective report on a presentation

– The value of reflective free writing Writing a Research Report: Presentation An Example Section Heading Scheme Introduction This is the introduction. Isn’t it great?

how to write a reflective report on a presentation

I think it is. Blah blah blah Microsoft Word - How to Write a Research Report & LEARNING STYLES AND STRATEGIES.

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