Justify the need and role of

What are the duties of the husband, wife, parents, and children?

Justify the need and role of

Understanding Discipline Reflection on Last Year I believe personally that my discipline last year was really good and I had no real problems at all I have dived each good point into a separate sections Uniform I am very proud to say that I take pride in my uniform and I had to have had good discipline to make sure that It was pressed correctly meaning that the creases where in the correct place and that I looked smart.

This can also be said for my boots you learn from very early on that no matter what public service you join you have to rely on your feet so you need to make sure that your foot wear is clean and serviceable which is what I did and I made sure that my toe caps whereas bulled as I could get them.

As a result of this I passed all my uniform inspections with no problems if however I had been undisciplined and gone to bed and had an eerily nigh instead of putting in the effort I would have failed my uniform inspections and probably failed linnet clough.

Time Keeping Time keeping was another very important self-discipline to have and linnet demonstrates to you how important time keeping is in a uniformed service environment for example if the platoon sergeant says the bridge that we are crossing will be blown at If Justify the need and role of were late or an individual was late the whole group received collective punishment which shadows a uniformed service environment this not only learned that we had to keep on top of our time keeping but it allowed us as a team to develop and further develop or teambuilding skills.

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If we continually had poor time keeping then we would have forfeited a part of our uniform and we needed a complete uniform to pass out of linnet Clough.

Team Discipline and Moral This is really important not only in a uniformed service environment but also in any work place. You have to have good discipline to maintain moral and get along within a group. In my group last year we were fantastic we worked so hard together and always achieved the best results but in small confined spaces and the most minimal amount of time and not a lot of sleep like at linnet clough which yet again shadows a service environment tempers can rise and people can become irritated this is known in Tuckmans stages of team development as storming.

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We created a fantastic working group and made some awesome friendships. Drill Before I began my level three courses I was a member of the army cadet force which made me very proficient in drill.

An example of this can be in the Royal Air Force Regiments Queens Colour Squadron as seen in the YouTube clip if those airmen decided to break into their own routine then the whole demonstration would be a failure that is a classic example of team and self-discipline.

Whereas if I had done them the night before I could have got ready in perfect ease well I will be definitely getting my admin squared away this year.

It prepares you for job interviews and even getting to work on time. I had good punctuality last year And intend to keep it up this year. From then on I have made sure that I complete all my work well before it is due for hand in.

Attendance My attendance would good last year the only time it was affected was when we had the snow that was the only time I was off. Attendance is really good discipline to have because it shows how dedicated an individual is to potential employers.

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Fitness My fitness was good last year apart from my P. T sessions did not relay do much in my spare time apart from the odd run or gym session this started to take on a knock on effected so I went out running more went to the gym more and my fitness has rapidly improved I have also cut out all the rubbish out of my diet and feel better now I am very pleased that in the holidays I did not let the ball slip I maintained my fitness and am looked forward to out PT sessions starting again soon.

Justify the need and role of

The public service I wish to join the RAF Regimen you have to have a very high standard of fitness so I will keep trying to improve my fitness.

Attitude I am very with my attitude this year and I consider it one of my strong points. Discipline outside of college My discipline outside of college is half and half in some cases and relay well-disciplined and in others I am not.During your career, you might find an opportunity to create a new job for yourself, or find your current position in danger of being eliminated.

In either scenario, you’ll need to justify to your superiors that the company has a need for you or your position. About CoDEG The Competency Development and Evaluation Group (CoDEG) is a collaborative network of developers and researchers, practitioners, specialist and academic.

Jan 29,  · Author Richard Reddie writes about the Atlantic slave trade, how the Bible was used by Christians on both sides of the issue and the abolitionists who sought to bring it to an end.

Jun 28,  · To justify a new position, you have to demonstrate what task or responsibility is not being effectively covered in your organization.

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Additionally, you should be able to show how creating a new role to address this deficiency will have a notable, measurable and positive impact on the company. Choose the Right Synonym for justify. maintain, assert, defend, vindicate, justify mean to uphold as true, right, just, or reasonable.

maintain stresses firmness of conviction. steadfastly maintained his innocence assert suggests determination to make others accept one's claim. asserted her rights defend implies maintaining in the face of attack or criticism. The continuation of a bestselling, much loved series, bringing new drama and action.

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