Mrs wishy washy writing activities

Because it plays such a vital role in forming the foundation of reading development, phonemic awareness is the first thread in the tapestry of reading. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear and manipulate phonemes, which are the smallest part of a spoken language.

Mrs wishy washy writing activities

Then each student will have their name listed on a 3x5 index card. How the students move through the stations will be determined on an individual basis. Below are the Work Station signs that I use.

mrs wishy washy writing activities

I printed them on cardstock and had them laminated. Then I displayed them at each station using one of 3 ways: I used these signs for sitting on table tops and on top of my Big Book easel. As a matter of fact, I want them designed where the students need NO teacher direction and if needed, only peer assistance The stations will not have all the materials listed below in them at one time.

Many of the stations will be kept in the tubs that I did use for Centers. The students will remove the activity that they wish to use from the tub and take it to one of the "work tables" or another area of the room.

If needed, they can carry the whole tub with them. I started using a Big Book Station this past year. It was one of the favorites for my students.

mrs wishy washy writing activities

It seemed to be more of a hit when there was a book in the station that they could actually attempt to read word-for-word such as Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Due to the cost of the Big Books and the limited number of choices, I chose to put only one book on the Big Book easel for this station instead of allowing students to choose the book on their on.

In this station, the book was already set up on the easel and two students were allowed to visit the station at one time. One student would read with a pointer and the other would turn the pages. Once they finished, they traded places.

This year I want to add small sticky notes to the back inside of each book cover labeled with words from the book. The students will find the words in the text and cover them with the sticky notes. Another activity for this station would be to program 3x5 index cards with sight words from the text.

Then apply highlighter tape over the words on the cards. After the students have read the book, they take the word cards and find the words in the text. After each of these activities, myself or another student will check for accuracy.

Teaching Mrs. Wishy Washy: Story Map & Interactive Writing Activity for 1st Graders

Any mistakes will be corrected by the students. I clip a ziploc bag to the back of the book containing the word cards. The students find the word on the card in the text and pull the highlighter tape from the word card and place it over the word in the book. I make my own highlighter tape using see-through cling-on bookcovers.

Just cut to the size you need. Make sure you purchase a solid color such as pink, orange, or yellow. I bought two large canvas tote bags from Oriental Trading company. The tote bags have several pockets on the front as well as the large main pocket.This is a great little pack for folks who love Mrs Wishy Washy.

It goes best with the original Mrs Wishy Washy book. The pages are supplemental materials for the Mrs. Wishy Washy and do not replace the book in any way. Threads of Reading.

Mrs. Wishy Washy Literacy Ideas and Printables

by Karen Tankersley. Table of Contents. Chapter 1. Readiness/Phonemic Awareness. Teaching children to manipulate the sounds in . While I new what phonological awareness was and how to teach the different aspects of it, I spent more time pushing letter and individual sound recognition and less time counting words in a sentence, segmenting and blending .

Directed Drawing Tutorial for Reading Celebration Week {FREEBIE}: We’ve been out for snow all last week, so I am excited to get back into my classroom (my home away from home).

Please remember that buses may be delayed during the first few weeks of the school year as students and parents become familiar with their bus stops and routes. Dec 14,  · Mrs. Wishy-Washy's Christmas book study companion literacy activities, perfect for Christmas in the classroom!

Packed with fun literacy ideas and guided reading activities. A YEAR OF 1ST WRITING CENTERS. About Me. It is from my Mrs. Wishy-Washy.

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