Shakespeare in love theatre business plan

Young Will Shakespeare has writer's block That is, until he finds his muse — Viola.

Shakespeare in love theatre business plan

Romeo and Juliet Ages: One and one-half to two 45 - 50 minute class periods. Students will be primed to read Romeo and Juliet.

The film clip and the introductory lecture will introduce them to Elizabethan theater and to the London of Shakespeare's time. When students feel that they know an author as a person, they will be more interested in reading what he or she has written.

An introduction to the times in which a play was first performed is helpful in appreciating the artistry and meaning of the work. The movie presents an entertaining and accessible speculation about how the playwright could have labored over his words and conceits and, out of his own lost love, found the inspiration for Romeo and Juliet.

Tom Stoppard's script cleverly mixes modern allusions, historical characters and events, passages from the play, borrowings from Christopher Marlowe, and visual puns.

Students will be able to trace the parallels between the doomed love of Romeo and Juliet, and the impossible love of Will and Viola. Students will get a good sense of Elizabethan stagecraft. The first 40 minutes of the movie are enough to provide most of the benefits of the film.

This snippet does not include the scenes which earned the movie its R rating. The snippet would probably be rated PG Possible Problems with this Snippet: There is one scene in which Will interrupts Rosaline in bed with the Master of the Revels.

shakespeare in love theatre business plan

While much about the setting appears to be correct and many of the characters represent people who actually lived and knew Shakespeare, the events of the film are purely fictional. See the Introductory Lecture.

Lesson Plan Introducing Romeo and Juliet using Shakespeare in Love

The snippet consists of the first 40 minutes of the movie, until Will begins to unwrap Viola's breasts. Review the clip and to make sure it is suitable for the class. Note any words that the class may not understand and use them in vocabulary exercises before showing the movie.

Review the Lesson Plan and decide how to present it to the class, making any necessary modifications. The film clip starts at the beginning of the movie.

shakespeare in love theatre business plan

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Described as “an absolute joy from beginning to end” (Daily Express), Shakespeare in Love is a new play based on the film that won seven Academy Awards including Best Picture.


The Utah Shakespeare Festival is a charter member of the Shakespeare Theatre Association (STA) and a constituent of Theatre Communications Group (TCG), the national organization for the American theatre. Suffering from a bad case of writer's block, young Will Shakespeare falls in love with Viola, the daughter of a wealthy merchant.

Against a bustling background of mistaken identity, ruthless scheming, and backstage theatrics, Will's love for her inspires him to write his masterpiece, Romeo and Juliet. How it all turns out is a mystery.


Comprehensive Theatre allows the students to act as the director and producer and they choose the play, create the production concept, design the lights, sets, costumes etc., cast the play and run it as a theatre .

Romeo and Juliet (Tour) By William Shakespeare Directed by Erin Murray November 7, Performed at the Center Theatre. In the midst of an historical bitter feud, passionate young love emerges.

Lesson Plan Introducing Romeo and Juliet using Shakespeare in Love