The never ending issue of gun control and violence both in canada and united states

He also brought the first black slaves to North America. However the attempt failed. Many Spaniards died of disease and the survivors abandoned the colony.

The never ending issue of gun control and violence both in canada and united states

When they did so, they acted on a platform of policy reforms that had nearly all been advocated for many years by gun control advocates. The Port Arthur massacre was the 13th in Australia in 18 years where five or more victims not including the perpetrator had died see Table 1 here. In the 20 years since there have been none.

John Howard had only been in office for 57 days when, on the day after the massacre, he declared his intention to push through the reforms. The reforms were announced by a national meeting of unanimous police ministers on May The police ministers did not have to call for any special filibustering inquiry or glacial expert report on what needed to be done.

For years, advocates for gun control both in Australia and internationally had made sure that whenever gun violence was news and questions were being asked about what needed to be done in response, a set of policy reforms were repeatedly rolled out.

These were well captured in the main reforms: A ban on the importation, ownership, sale, resale, transfer, possession, manufacture or use of: The registration of all firearms as part of an integrated shooter licensing scheme, maintained through the computerised National Exchange of Police Information.

Genuine reason could include occupational uses such as stock and vermin control on farms; demonstrated membership of an authorised target shooting club; or hunting when the applicant could provide permission from a rural landowner.

The never ending issue of gun control and violence both in canada and united states

These criteria would include compulsory cancellation or refusal of licences to people who have been convicted for violence or subject to a domestic violence restraining order within the past five years.

New licence applicants would need to undertake an accredited training course in gun safety. As well as a licence to own firearms, a separate permit would be required for each purchase of a gun.


Uniform and strict gun storage requirements, backed with heavy penalties. Firearm sales could be conducted only by or through licensed firearms dealers, thus ending private and mail-order gun sales.

Detailed records of all sales would have to be provided to police. The sale of ammunition would be allowed only for firearms for which the purchaser was licensed and limits would be placed on the quantity of ammunition that may be purchased in a given period.

In the years before the historic reforms, and in the months after their announcement when the gun lobby tried but failed to push back, we relentlessly used these arguments: Semi-automatic weapons are frightening killing machines Front and centre of the reforms was the outlawing of citizen access to semi-automatic rifles and pump action shotguns.

The never ending issue of gun control and violence both in canada and united states

Fully automatic weapons like this had long been banned in Australia. When someone plans to as kill many people as quickly as possible, today they tend to use bombs. They prefer to carry a semi-automatic firearm that allows rapid firing, fitted with a large magazine capacity, to minimise opportunities for them to be shot or overpowered during reloading.

Australians were revolted by the idea that military-style weapons could be easily obtained by malevolent people.

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A referendum question added to the ballot paper at the local government election in North Sydney before Port Arthur tellingly saw THE IDEOLOGY OF GUN OWNERSHIP AND GUN CONTROL IN THE UNITED STATES. David B. Kopel. This article has suggested a number of ways in which the gun control issue raises ideological or symbolic issues for partisans on both sides.

Widespread gun ownership is seen as an affirmation of individualism and of "taking . “Safe Rooms” are the last, pathetic, contemptible line of defense of frightened, passive white people against uncontrolled crime. The first and best defense is a culture that doesn’t commit crime and slams hard any intruding criminal.

Gun violence in the United States results in tens of thousands of deaths and injuries annually. In , there were 73, nonfatal firearm injuries ( injuries per , persons), and 33, deaths due to "injury by firearms" ( deaths per , persons).

These deaths consisted of 11, homicides, 21, suicides, deaths due to accidental or negligent discharge of a firearm.

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Canada. As in the United States, Canada’s national government sets gun restrictions that the provinces, territories, and municipalities can supplement. And like its southern neighbor, Canada’s gun laws have often been driven by gun violence. Guiding gun control legislation in the United States includes the National Firearms Act of , 97 the Gun Control Act as amended and the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act This is Federal legislation only, each US state and territory enacts its own gun law.

Show and tell on your parents. Here’s the latest plan to end gun violence – by encouraging concerned children to steal their parents’ firearms from them and turn them in at schools, or perhaps police precincts.

Unbelievable, but it is happening: The PSA video above shows a young teen.

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