The portrayal of climate change in political discourse and its connection to natural disasters

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The portrayal of climate change in political discourse and its connection to natural disasters

In response to the range of natural hazards, researchers of the politics of disasters have studied how individuals, communities, and states prepare for, respond to, and recover from catastrophes and crises.

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Due to the broad effects of floods, tsunami, hurricanes, famines, earthquakes, and fires, scholars from all disciplines have written a tremendous amount on the issue. Political scientists, sociologists, geographers, anthropologists, economists, and historians have studied disaster recovery, best practices in disaster response, the role of the government in rebuilding, and so forth.

This annotated bibliography illuminates representative examples of the interdisciplinary work in this vast academic subfield. Most of the work selected for inclusion comes from the end of the 20th century and the early 21st century, but it builds on the work of scholars such as Samuel Prince, who wrote about the Halifax harbor explosion three years later, and on mids and s work sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences.

General Overviews The texts in this section include some of the classics on issues of disaster outcomes, recovery, and community involvement. Dacy and Kunreuthera pioneering book, focuses on the Alaska earthquake. While intended to develop a comprehensive insurance system, this work sets out an economic model of recovery based on historical evidence.

Some scholars have seen the process of rebuilding home life and businesses as ordered and predictable Haas, et al.

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Rossi uses more than eight hundred interviews conducted after an earthquake in southern Italy to struggle with broader sociological debates about structure and agency, while Alexander attempts to bring together hard and social sciences into a single analytical framework.

Public Entity Risk Institute, Written primarily for community leaders, local government officials, and mayors, this book brings together a wealth of findings on the recovery process, with a strong emphasis on bottom-up planning and citizen involvement.

The Economics of Natural Disasters: Implications for Federal Policy. Kates, and Martyn J. Ethnicity, Gender, and the Sociology of Disasters.

The portrayal of climate change in political discourse and its connection to natural disasters

International Hurricane Center, Quarantelli, and Russell R. Handbook of Disaster Research.

The portrayal of climate change in political discourse and its connection to natural disasters

A comprehensive treatment of research in a variety of aspects of disasters and recovery, this interdisciplinary volume provides useful oversight of the field. Community Reconstruction after an Earthquake: Dialectical Sociology in Action.

Long-Range Effects of Natural Disasters.Its reasoning process structures much of the political discourse related to climate change and the arguments about how to shape policies that either tackle the problem, or in the case of the Trump administration’s first few months in power, in , actively thwart American efforts to address the issue.

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Humanity's Contribution to Climate Change Through the Emission of Greenhouse Gases. words. 3 pages. According to some studies holding that climate change has been securitized, the field is dominated by a neo-Malthusian discourse of territorial security which calls for short-term military or political means to counter security threats, causing militaries to integrate potential effects of .

Climate change adds great urgency to the task of changing the current implicit contextualizations in geopolitical discourse that structure how the world is made known to its political subjects, and hence how those subjects might act politically.

Preface The politics of climate change Climate change is now a mainstream political issue. However, as yet there is no substantive frame-work for policy which offers coherence and consistency as to how national governments should cope. This paper provides an overview of current knowledge of climate change and its effects on climate variability and extreme weather that could lead to natural disasters, paying particular attention to the potential to apply the information to disaster risk reduction.

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