The reasons why the harry potter series is the best series in the world

Mudbloods are people too Credit: Thinkstock Advertisement As the familiar story goes, not long ago there was an orphan who on his 11th birthday discovered he had a gift that set him apart from his preteen peers.

The reasons why the harry potter series is the best series in the world

I enjoy spending time with people who appreciate great literature. And I would lose all credibility with many of these people if I suggested offhand that I think the Potter books are in the tradition of the great English novels, deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence, and are easily the most morally and socially insightful works of fantasy published in this generation.

But I do think that. So here are a few thoughts on why Harry Potter is great literature.

The reasons why the harry potter series is the best series in the world

Or, in the language of the normal people for whom she writes: Rowling and the Fantasy Tradition Fantasy appeals to us, to put it crudely, because of the relationship between magic and morality. An alternate world filled with strange and wonderful things, a world defined by imagination, gives us a setting in which to consciously or not engage with moral questions free from the complications and biases with which we engage our own setting.

Fantasy, mythology, and fairy tales allow an author to shape our unconscious ideas about what our own world should be like—without beating us over the head with them or even stating them outright.

Fantasy stories can tell you a lot about what a civilization values, and the best fantasy stories help a civilization value the right things. The Millennial generation born ish is dealing with a real world increasingly bereft of the healthy families, relationships, and institutions that gave previous generations a framework for considering moral questions.

The further past college they get, the less true they suspect it is. Very few things allow a teenage reader to grapple with growing up in precisely this situation.

Rowling was a single mom when she started writing. And in Harry Potter, a modern teenager can watch a boy struggle with the same things he does, and see precisely what ultimately distinguishes the boy from the man he becomes—namely, things that would terrify the benevolent technocrats and progressive-minded individuals who shaped the second half of the 20th century.

Rowling offers the rare fantasy that gives a young reader a vastly different look at the well-lived life than he is getting from his high school, college, and too often, parents.

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In the true fantasy tradition, she helps him build a picture of the things that are worth clinging to when everything else is being questioned. As a result, the most powerful themes of the Harry Potter books are about identity—and they are profoundly countercultural. A few of the more central: It is these, mentor Dumbledore tells an insecure Harry, that show who we truly are.

Over and over in Harry Potter, good triumphs when somebody who has no business being a hero—dim-witted Neville Longbottom, dumpy mother of seven Mrs. From there, he is transported to Hogwarts, a beautiful castle that represents a golden past that he has never known; a world that existed before him and will, if he can help it, survive him.

It has been said that politics is the art of the possible. But in 21st century American political culture, compromise and winnable victories are seen as a kind of treason; a sacrifice of purity. The very thing most kids today are told to seek—Harry never finds it or even seriously looks for it.

And likewise unfashionable is the path by which Harry and his friends seek adulthood. They find meaning in responsibility, learn respect for rightful authority, and sacrifice their individuality and even their lives to preserve a very messy world that seems beyond saving. They loved the story of an angst-filled boy who found meaning in all the right places, and triumphed.

Whether they realized it or not while they were reading, Rowling was helping them understand their own world better; not just as it is, but as it ought to be. This is what great fantasy does. It speaks to a time and place with truths that are timeless.20 Reasons Why Harry Potter Is The Best There'll Ever Be.

As is the case for much of the Harry Potter world, Rowling didn't just name someone something for the sake of it. One of the main reasons that the series has become so loved is it's attention to detail and the costumes, clothing choices and descriptions of the characters.

Think. There are currently no plans to revive, reboot, or remake the Harry Potter movies in any format, but we can dream and, as a Harry Potter fan, here are the six reasons why I think fans need a Harry Potter television series.


Apr 20,  · reasons why Harry Potter is awesome. April 20, at PM. 1. JK Rowling might not be the BEST writer in the world, but she is still very, very good.

2. Her ideas are very creative and original. The final climax of the series between Harry and Voldemort was amazing! (Thanks to Lisa Jacobsen!) I seriously had to read it.

In its joy and heartbreak and sheer storytelling magic, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the best denouement in the history of literature, full stop.

Here’s why.

The reasons why the harry potter series is the best series in the world

Here’s why. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter Series #7). A person's thoughts about the best and worst Harry Potter characters can be polarizing, especially opinions about who may be overrated and underrated in the grand scope of the series.

The Harry. As the *Harry Potter* films come back to NOW TV, we take a look back at just why we love them all. Prepare to feel old – it’s been a whopping 15 years since boy wizard Harry Potter first hit .

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